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Jason Bayuk

Executive Leadership

About Jason Bayuk

Jason Bayuk is an experienced business leader located in New York, New York. Throughout his years of industry experience, Jason has become known for his adherence to high ethical standards and his competent excellence in helping his clients. One of Jason’s favorite aspects of his work is the client experience; from the very beginning, this process is about understanding the unique needs and desires of each client and helping them better understand their overall situation. 

Jason Bayuk brings this same level of commitment to those he works with, leading both by proactive example to maintain consistent success. For Jason, being a part of a team where each member contributes and provides strategic advice coupled with their owned seasoned perspectives and expertise is an exciting thing to experience each day. Jason and his team members work to preserve their clients’ best interests en route to long-term development. 

Jason Bayuk received his undergraduate degree from New York University. Jason earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Outside the office, enjoys playing and watching sports, fishing, and traveling. He is the Chief Strategy Officer and a co-founder of Transition Sports and Entertainment, a company aimed at empowering athletes and entertainers to position themselves and their brands as enduring businesses.

Read on to discover Jason’s insights on executive leadership and mentorship. 

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